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IMERYS Announces Price Increase

Roswell, Georgia - IMERYS announced today that it will increase prices, up to 15%, on all of its bentonite and coal based foundry products manufactured and supplied in the United States, effective December 1, 2019. These increases are subject to any provisions set forth in individual customer contracts.

"Despite our focus on operational productivity improvements, we are unable to offset continued cost pressure on in-bound raw materials. The transportation infrastructure necessary to support the movement of these materials; rail, barge, and pneumatic truck have all experienced sizable changes in operation methodology and the associated costs. These costs continue to escalate as the services become harder and harder to manage."

Customers purchasing products on a delivered basis may also see a cost increases due to highly volatile and increasing truck and rail freight rates. IMERYS continues to work with its freight partners to minimize the impact on out-bound finished goods. For those of you receiving truck deliveries we encourage you to work directly with your local trucking companies to try to offset these difficulties.

IMERYS Communications Contact – Tim McMillin +1-815-228-8607
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IMERYS is the world leader in mineral based specialty solutions for industry. It is headquartered in Paris, France and is a constituent of the CAC Mid 60 index. IMERYS has operations in 50 countries and has more than 18,000 employees.



Better Castings are Produced from Custom Blending—it’s that simple. PREMIX™ is the answer for custom blending of sand additives.

IMERYS is a pioneer in the development of the PREMIX™, green sand molding sand binders formulated with various clay products, various organic and inorganic additives. IMERYS’s modern blending equipment permits the necessary sand additives to be mixed according to the customer’s specific formula. The blending method provides foundries with the ability to adjust and control additive requirements for the entire range of cast metal production to meet the expectations of the future.

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SLAGBUSTER® Slag Coagulant

SLAGBUSTER® is made out of granular, non-metallic material specifically designed to remove slag in molten metal applications. Any slag present on the molten metal will adhere to SLAGBUSTER® and continue to float. The combined slag/ SLAGBUSTER® can then be removed from the molten metal in large pieces, resulting in clean molten metal for the casting process.

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Increase Durability & Strength

IKOBOND® is the newly developed patent pending clay technology designed for superior durability for high density molding.

This new clay has shown increased durability with respect to Green Compression Strength and Wet Tensile Strength. The strengths generated allow quicker sand development, optimizing consumption usage of bond per ton of metal poured.

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Get Both Core & Mold Benefits from ANTRAPEX® Sand Additive

Better Finishes. Reduced Defects. Good Recyclability.

ANTRAPEX® is a service-proven core sand additive that positively influences both the core and the bentonite-bonded molding material. The additive is mixed with core sand and thus contributes to reducing expansion and penetration defects. After core breakdown, ANTRAPEX® passes into the molding material where it has a positive effect on the casting surface and sand stability. ANTRAPEX® is a blend of organic and inorganic components. The core sand additive has been developed by IMERYS especially for the PUR Cold Box process.


  • Casting surfaces of near-perfect finish
  • Reduce expense in terms of core coating operations
  • Following core breakdown, the residues develop lustrous carbon
  • Good recyclability
  • Reduced gas formation from the core


RIKO© - Recovery of Bentonite & Carbon From Foundry Dust
A Unique Process Technology

Foundry Dust Collection and the Loss of Beneficial Materials

Bentonite and carbon have long been used as key components in the green sand casting process. In 2018 United States Foundry Industry consumed approximately 700,000 tons of bentonite and carbon.

Silica sand has been used in the green sand process for hundreds of years. Recently the United States Environmental Protection Agency instituted tighter regulations on the Permissible Exposure Limits for silica sand dust. This has meant an increased focus on, and need for additional ventilation and dust collection. While this ventilation and dust collection reduces the amount of fine silica sand, it extracts other useable materials, such as active bentonite and carbon.

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Preventing Casting Defects is Easy With IMQUICK®

Water is THE essential component in the activation of bentonite used to bond in the green sand process. While necessary to activate the clay, free moisture, not tied up in the bentonite platelet structure is the enemy of metal. If it exists, the free moisture can cause significant casting defects.

IMQUICK is a patented, bentonite based formulation which includes finely sized industrial mica for:

  • Better sand flowability in the molding process
  • Better compaction
  • More consistent mold hardness – without the need for additional moisture

In fact, if reduced moisture is your goal, it’s possible to run lower moisture percentages with IMQUICK versus most conventional premix formulas.

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