High temperature Solutions – Foundry

Green Sand Bonding Technologies

We mine and process bentonite, perlite, zeolite and produce equipment and continuous casting fluxes for foundry green sand metalcasting and reclamation.


The main criterion for selecting the appropriate raw material is the subsequent metalcasting application for the molding sand binder. Because, although bentonite can be found all around the world, high-grade, high-yield and homogeneous deposits are rare. IMERYS has secured its long-term access to such deposits. Its own bentonite mines and reliable raw material suppliers guarantee the availability of bentonites of uniform quality in any quantity required. Consequently, when making the raw material selection, it is always the suitability of the bentonite concerned that takes priority rather than its availability – because this is always guaranteed .


The High Temperature Solutions Group services the foundry industry by providing innovative green sand binding options. With multiple patents applied for since Imerys acquired S&B Industrial Minerals in 2014, Imerys is focused on organic growth through new technology. S&B Industrial Minerals entered the American market in 2007 with the acquisition of Hill and Griffith assets in Cincinnati, OH and Birmingham, AL. S&B followed by purchasing its Waterloo, IA operation from Bentonite Performance Minerals in 2008. The Imerys High Temperature Solutions Group is under the leadership of Rob Steele.